Fennexi Software House

Fennexi is a software house in Edinburgh, Scotland. We provide an online booking management solution for hotels and B&Bs to track their customers, bookings, finances and more.

Though we specialise in delivering booking-management software, we've worked with a number of clients, both in the UK and outside, completing projects such as automated e-mail creation and invoice generation web apps. We'd be happy to discuss any software needs you may have!

Hotel Booking Management Software

With Fennexi, you can:
  • Track all of your bookings and customers online
  • Assign meals and apply discounts to their bookings
  • See which rooms need to be cleaned every day
  • View your financial information for every month and year
  • Give your staff secure accounts so they can check customers in and out
In fancy-speak, it’s a hotel booking-management system and it collects so much useful information to help you manage your business. If you’re interested or have any questions, I’d love to have a quick chat with you about it and give you a brief demo. You can contact me with any of the methods outlined in our Contact Us page